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If you die after leaving the Scheme, but before your preserved pension comes into payment, a Death Benefit Lump Sum equal to the value of your preserved lump sum may be made to your beneficiary.

If you have not already completed a Nomination for Death Benefit Form or the information on the form no longer reflects your wishes for the distribution of the lump sum death benefit you should complete a new Form and send it to the Scheme Administrators To avoid any confusion you should make sure that you keep the details of the person you wish to receive the payment up to date so that the payment may if necessary be made promptly.

If your marital status changes a fresh Nomination Form will be required after marriage or divorce, even if the nominee remains the same.

A court may, at the time of a divorce, order that on the death of a scheme member, or a former member, all or part of the death benefit be paid to the former spouse. Where this is the case, any balance may be paid to the nominee.

If you are not married to the nominee, but are living together, your nomination will remain valid if your relationship with the nominee comes to an end. You should review the nomination to make sure that it contains your wishes for the disposal of the lump sum payment.

If the pension scheme administrators do not have a valid nomination, the Scheme may pay the death benefit lump sum to your legal personal representatives.