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Cessation of Benefits on Remarriage or Cohabitation

What if I am receiving a widow's or widower's pension and I remarry or begin to live with another person as husband or wife?

A spouse's pension (including a pension payable to the partner of a deceased member who have entered into a civil ceremony) is payable for life or until marriage or co-habitation.  If a person receiving a spouse's pension remarries or begins to live with another person as husband or wife or enters into a civil ceremony with a same sex partner, the spouse's pension in most cases will be restricted or cease to be paid.  The original spouse's pension may be reinstated if the new relationship comes to an end.  Recipients of a spouse's pension must inform the scheme administrators if the circumstances giving eligibility to the spouse's pension as outlined above.  Failure to notify the scheme administrators immediately could lead to an overpayment of pension which the scheme administrators will seek to recover in full.